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How to use Kingroot for PC ?

Kingroot is the king of all the rooting apps especially when comes to Android. It’s used every day by millions of Android users all around the globe, People around the world mostly use kingroot PC to root their phones. You may be already have an idea about some apps on your PC like Root Explorer and root master for rooting your devices, but I think you would love to use KingRoot on your PC. With millions of user base and excellent features KingRoot is the first choice of people.

kingroot pc

Download Kingroot PC & Laptop Windows

Now download Kingroot for your PC, but there is no particular “KingRoot PC or computer version.” The developers had not built one yet, Though i think they will create one soon. But wait that doesn’t mean you can’t install it on your computer. There is a little workaround which will help you to download and install the Kingroot on your PC. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to download and install Kingroot on your PC.The Android emulator is called ” Blue Stacks “. The best emulator for the android is BlueStacks. So, Here I have shown you step by steps How to Download and Install Kingroot on your PC using BlueStacks. Even if you use any other emulator software, the steps will be pretty much the same. Start following the steps mentioned below in order to use this awesome app on your computer.

How to Download Kingroot for PC Windows

kingroot pc

Steps 1. Download KingrootSetup.exe you can download Kingroot for PC the latest version from the link below(Current Version 3.1),

Step 2. After download is complete, Then you can install it to your PC. The installation procces will be more difficult if you are not accustomed to install the application on a PC, because Kingroot for PC is not come with English.

Step 3. Connect or plug your Android phone and your computer by using USB Cable that you have prepared before. When you plug your Android devices, Kingroot will automatically detect your Android version and your Phone models, its need your device driver, Just wait a moment if your driver is not installed on your PC, Kingroot pc will install your devices driver for you, but you must have internet connection to do this task, because Kingroot pc will download it for you. But if your devices driver was installed on your PC before, KingrootPC will detect it automatically

Step 4. Go to your Android devices and enable USB debug mode.

Step 5. Start to root by click the “try to Root” button.

Step 6. Root done and succeeded, now you can close the KingRoot PC.

Your devices will reboot itself, dont operate it until it done, hopefully your android is supported by Kingroot, Now you can check your Device root status. How to check? Just find a new app installed on your Android phone, If you see a Kingroot app on your Android, its mean you have succeed root your Android.